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About Us

Our Story

Seaview Bakers is a small bespoke bakery specialising in delicious sweet treats delivered to your door.

In 2019 I opened Seaview Bakers selling home-made Christmas cakes and they were a hit!  So, this year I’m going big or going home. I’ve had my extended home kitchen licensed by Auckland Council (A Grade) and geared up ready for Christmas. 

Christmas Cakes

My cakes are full of high quality dried fruit, brandy, free-range eggs, dark chocolate and apricot flavours.  With a modern tropical fruit topping, the cakes are baked and then soaked with a dollop of brandy weekly to make them moist and tasty on Christmas day or any time during the year.

A Bounty of Brownies – Delivery Brownies

This year I am adding gourmet brownies to our menu and brownie gift boxes for you to order for that special someone.  Hand made in small batches we make sure that each brownie tastes and looks delicious and that your box of brownies delights its recipient.


I use packaging that is as eco-friendly as possible – recycled paper boxes for the cakes and brownies, compostable and reusable wraps and tools when I’m baking.  It’s important to help reduce our footprint on our beautiful earth and I try to do this in my packaging and kitchen consumables.



Boxes of Brownies and Christmas cakes are ideal corporate or staff gifts.  We can collaborate to get the right branding and messaging on your boxes so that your gifts say exactly what you want. People won’t forget a delightful treat made especially for them.  Please contact us for further information.